Nicht mehr für Ohren: 
Klang, der, wie ein tieferes Ohr, uns, scheinbar Hörende, hört.
Umkehr der Räume. Entwurf innerer Welten im Frein...,
Tempel vor ihrer Geburt. Lösung, gesättigt mit schwer löslichen Göttern...: Gong!
Summe des Schweigenden, das sich zu sich selber bekennt, 
brausende Einkehr in sich dessen, das an sich verstummt,
Dauer, aus Ablauf gepreßt, um-gegossener Stern...
Du, die man niemals vergißt, die sich gebar im Verlust,
nicht mehr begriffenes Fest, Wein an unsichtbarem Mund, 
Sturm in der Säule, die trägt, 
Wanderers Sturz in den Weg,
unser, an Alles, Verrat...

Rainer Maria Rilke, 1925


Universe, literally from its Latin roots: UNUM VERSUM– that which is turned, transformed towards, into the ONE , ONENESS, UNITY.Everything in the Universe vibrates, oscillates in frequencies, from the smallest atom/subatoms to the biggest planet and even galaxies....And via these vibrations, frequencies which carry light, sound, energy and information we are all connected, (in this universe and even beyond), partially perceptible and partially imperceptible... nevertheless also that which we do not perceive with our physical senses is showing ist effects.

We HUMAN BEINGS, also, are beings  of sound and rhythm -  every organ, every tissue has a rhythm, a frequency of ist own – so we could actually say: we are living complex multi-layered (polyrhythmic, polyphonic) melodies...... in seemingly solid form.

Just picture us meeting as unique melodies or rather symphonies..... creating all together with all the other beings  of this endless/never-ending creation a splendid spheric harmony and in this sense – RE-INCARNATION ist always taking place within and beyond time and space...
(in case during the sounding you perceive yourself as a shooting star or a bear standing in front of you, don't be surprised – it might also be a very still experience and most likely at the end you will meet yourself again, inspired, enriched...)


There are more instruments  used in this sound experience than only the Gong , all being so-called instruments with a rich spectrum of overtones, which carry intense healing effects – the centre instrument being the GONG.
The Gong in itself  opens to a special quality -  it is called the Creator amongst the instruments because it literally creates new frequencies while being played, thus creating a more-dimensional field of sounds with their accompanying overtones....and in this field of  frequencies we can dive into and let us being vibrated with all our organs and tissues resonating in their specific frequency and thus receiving a healing impulse, connected to the original vibration.

Because this house is dedicated to the wisdom tradition of Islam, Sufism, there will be  Divine names from this tradition being  sounded - This tradition as well as the essence of  the most sacred traditions, (be it the Path of the Thora, the inner wisdom of Christianity as well as in the Hinduistic tradition of Vedanta and many more....) has its core belief in UNITY,– arabic TAWHID , the Oneness, being ALLAH: La ilaha illa *llah – there is nothing but ONENESS.

Maybe you want to open yourself , every cell into your deeper level of Being, the state of  vibrations, frequencies during this sound experience, letting yourself being caressed and nourished by energy, sound, light and information.............

May we carry the certainty of ONENESS through our days and nights in our thoughts and words and actions.